George Nader LegendHis profession in Hollywood everything except dead, George Nader moved to Europe, where he kept on working consistently. In the mid 1970s, George Nader endured eye damage in a car collision. No longer ready to endure the splendid lights of motion picture sets, George Nader resigned from acting. He took up composing sci-fi; his best-known work is “Chrome,” distributed in 1978.

George Nader never worried about working in support roles; this was his passion towards acting. He went on to star in many films alongside Rock and Tony. His luck paid off finally when Jeff Chandler stepped down from the lead role in ‘The Second Greatest Sex’.

George NaderIn the late 50s George Nader switched to TV series and finally moved to Europe where he recovered most of his modest career by starring in a series of West German films as ‘Jerry Cotton’. He moved back to USA and settled in Palm Springs where he tried his hand at writing.

George Nader became a champ at writing sci-fi novels and published his first in 1978 called ‘Chrome’.  Later on he wrote ‘The Perils of Paul’ where he discussed the infamous Hollywood Gay Community. However, he delayed the publishing to be done after his death.

There are many interesting facts in the life of George Nader. A life seemingly regular on the outside has many exciting feats on the inside. Read on more about George Nader.