George Nader lebanese

Lebanese-American Actor and Gay Icon, George Nader


Conceived in Pasadena in 1921, Nader wound up inspired by acting while still in school and showed up in a few creations at the Pasadena Playhouse. That work prompted various piece parts in 1951 and ’52. His huge break was in 1953’s “Robot Monster.” While the low-spending 3D science fiction excursion is deservedly renowned as one of the most exceedingly terrible motion pictures at any point made, it in any case profited, and helped arrive Nader an agreement with Universal.

Despite the fact that he won a Golden Globe grant for “Most Promising Newcomer,” he frequently ended up battling in the shadow of more popular driving men, such Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis, and Jeff Chandler. His movies of that period incorporated 1954’s “Jubilee Story” and “Sins of Jezebel and 1956’s “Away All Boats.” He moved to TV in the late 1950s, and showed up in a few fleeting arrangements including “The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen,” “Man and the Challenge” and “Shannon.” He additionally showed up oftentimes on “The Loretta Young Show,” an emotional collection arrangement.